Special Male Cup

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Operation Method

  • Connect the parts of the special cup well without leakage.
  • Select a ring of proper size, and put it on the opening of the cup and smear some lubricant on the some lubricant on the small opening end of the ring.
  • Connect the gun to the cup with connecting tube.
  • Let the balanus be against the ring opening firmly.
  • Hold the cup by the left hand, pull the lever of the gun by the right hand which may cause the penis slide slowly into the cup, The rubber ring to the root of the penis and the penis fully erect. There after gently remove the cup from ring, which remains at the root of penis, and sexual intercourse follows.
  • After intercourse, remove the ring while the penis is wet on keep the ring on the penis for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Wash the used ring with water, dry it and put some power on it, and keep it in the tissue.

Cupping Appliance for male

  • The special male cup is effective for impotence, seminal emission, short penis, redundant prepuce and Ohlpo-sexuality of the middle aged and the enables the penis to erect within a few minutes, the erection to be prolonged, the short penis to become long, and the short penis to become long, and the prepuce to turn up, benefits sexuality.


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